TURN – Urban Re-Generation

TURN – Urban Re-Generation The first district in Italy with ISO 37101 certification Sustainable community management

TURN Urban Re-Generation was launched by Confindustria Umbria’s Terni Section with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Terni e NarniArvedi AST is a founding company of the project since 2018.

In addition to hosting some of Italy’s most sustainability and circular economy committed firms, the Terni–Narni, district is also the ideal context for an integrated urban, natural and manufacturing fabric. The Urban Re-Generation project is designed to promote and further boost this patrimony.

The project involves a development plan whose strategic goal is is to breathe life into Italy’s first Sustainability, Circular Economy and Urban Regeneration District in an area aiming to attract investments targeting the search for a synthesis between urban, natural and business planning contexts.

The project is structured into three phases:

The goal of the first phase was to map the good environmental sustainability and circular economy practices  of its 8 sponsor firms on the basis of 10 building blocks drawn up in accordance with the 17 United Nations’ Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

Specifically, these 10 building blocks have been adopted by the sponsors as the cornerstones in their development and implementation of energy, sustainable development and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

The second phase involves:

– implementing policies, investments and projects designed to further increase their sustainability, energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction performance by the project’s sponsor companies;

– extending the network with the involvement of new businesses, especially small and medium-sized firms, whilst disseminating and extending the good practices implemented by the sponsor firms;

– drawing up the First Italian District Sustainability Balance Sheet to highlight the positive local outcomes of good business practices and the implementation of tangible company action directly benefiting the community and the area as a whole.

Lastly open and ongoing dialogue with local councils and communities will be set in motion as well as national and international communication initiatives designed to promote the area and measure up to the best European practices.

Finally, the third phase allowed the pursuit of the strategic objective of the TURN Urban Re-Generation project:
The TURN Urban Re-Generation Terni-Narni network was the first in Italy to obtain the ISO 37101 “Sustainable management of communities” certification.

The certificate was delivered in January 2024 by Bureau Veritas Italia.


5.1. Politica per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile – Rev.1_01

Certificato ISO 37101_Confindustria Umbria_2023_01