The total purchase volume of Acciai Speciali Terni exceeds 1.5 billion Euros. In this section, you can find information about the organisation, the structure of the organisation and you can also access to our platform for current tenders, “Strategic Sourcing” and obtain information on the form for electronic catalogues, “Catalog Ordering”.


To cover our requirements, we are constantly looking for competent, efficient suppliers with whom we hope to establish long-term partnerships. Our supplies must be willing to constantly improve their performance and, in addition to advantageous conditions, we also expect fair play, transparency, reliability and ethic responsibility from them. A strong contribution is required from the procurement department in achieving the operative margin through a careful rationalisation of suppliers and a subsequent reduction in costs.

To this end, we use a complex system to assess and actively develop our strategic suppliers (“Supplier Management”).


Electronic platform of ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni

Purchases are extremely important for economic success and continuity. New markets, which have an increasingly wide base and are farther away, the globalisation of the market and input from technology are just some of the factors which constantly affect the procurement department and, thus all those who work within it, to invent and implement suitable responses to corporate strategic goals. By using an electronic platform, procurement costs can be cut, supply relations intensified and processes accelerated. To this end, we have adopted the platform “Strategic Sourcing” of ThyssenKrupp AG

For information related to the platform, contact:

Segreteria App

[email protected]



Books, Newspapers, Magazines etc. RES
Cameras Annarita Listanti
Cleaning Agents Fabio Stefanetti
Coil Grinding and Surface Finishing Abrasive Belts Fabio Stefanetti
Drums, Brooms, Brushes, Cleaning Gloves, Hemp Ropes … Annarita Listanti
Fixing Elements (Bolts, Nuts, Washers, etc) Fabio Stefanetti
Fuels Fabio Stefanetti
Gas Bottle Rent
Gas Bottles
Grinding Wheels and Other Abrasives Andrea Venturini
Hydraulic Oils Fabio Stefanetti
Hydrofluoric Acid Annarita Listanti
Industrial Paints and Enamels Annarita Listanti
Interleaving Paper Annarita Listanti
Laboratory Equipment Fabio Stefanetti
Lubricants and Insulators Fabio Stefanetti
Machine Tools Andrea Venturini
Nitric Acid Annarita Listanti
Office Furniture and Equipment Fabio Stefanetti
Other Chemicals Annarita Listanti
Plastic Protection Sheets for Deep Drawing, Laser Cutting .. Annarita Listanti
Promotional Items Stefano Calandri
Radiators and Heaters Fabio Stefanetti
Roll and Cylinder Grinding Wheels Andrea Venturini
Rolling Oils Fabio Stefanetti
Rubber Components (Conveyor Belts), Tyres … Andrea Venturini
Sandblasting Materials and Granules Andrea Venturini
Slab Grinding Wheels Andrea Venturini
Strip Degreasing Chemicals Annarita Listanti
Sulphuric Acid Annarita Listanti
Synthetic, Wooden and Derivate Items acc.to Drawing Annarita Listanti
Traction Fuel Gas Fabio Stefanetti
Wastewater and Close-Circuit Water Treatment Chemicals Annarita Listanti
Welding and Cutting Equipment and Materials
Workshop and Warehouse Equipment Andrea Venturini
Civil and sanitary heating Andrea Venturini
Civil and sanitary heating materials Andrea Venturini
Civil Work Fabio Ferranti
Connecting Components for Tubes Andrea Venturini
Construction Materials Andrea Venturini
Demolition, Scrapping, Sandblasting Fabio Ferranti
Flooring (except for sanitary systems) Fabio Ferranti
Flooring materials (except for sanitary systems) Fabio Stefanetti
Gardening Stefano Calandri
Glasses Fabio Stefanetti
Green Areas – Supplies Andrea Venturini
Joinery work Andrea Venturini
Lifts Andrea Venturini
Lighting Rods, Firefighting Systems, Trips, Earthing Andrea Venturini
Painting and corrosion protection Gabriella Fiori
Piping (except civil heating and sanitary systems) Andrea Venturini
Piping materials (except civil heating) Fabio Stefanetti
Radioactivity protections Stefano Calandri
Rails and craneways Andrea Venturini
Scaffoldings Andrea Venturini
Shed materials Andrea Venturini
Sheds Andrea Venturini
Steel structural materials Piero Feliciani
Steel structural work Piero Feliciani
Taps and Fixtures (including synthetic) Fabio Stefanetti
Thermal and acoustic insulation Fabio Ferranti
Thermal and acoustic insulation materials Andrea Venturini
Tubes, Compensators (including synthetic) Andrea Venturini
Accumulators and Batteries Luciano Verticchio
Control and Distribution Cubicles Luciano Verticchio
Electric Bulbs Luciano Verticchio
Electric Cables
Electric Equipment
Electric Equipment – Maintenance Fabio Ferranti
Electric Equipment Maintenance Contracts Fabio Ferranti
Electric Maintenance Materials
Electric Motors (Special)
Electric Motors (Standard)
Electric Motors and Generators -Maintenance
Electric Power Generation and Distribution Sets, Stationary Sets
Electric Transformers – Maintenance
Electric Wiring Materials
Electro-hydraulic Servobrakes
Electronic Parts, Mobile Energy Transfer and Generation Sets Luciano Verticchio
Fuses, Electric Brushes Luciano Verticchio
Gear Motors
High Voltage Cables Luciano Verticchio
Instruments, Control and Automation (Assembly)
Instruments, Control and Automation (Components)
IT Hardware
IT Maintenance Contracts
IT Standard Software
IT- Rent, Leasing, Services
Lamps, Projectors and Roof Lamps
Low Voltage Cables
Measurement and Control Networks, Telephone and Data Transmission Cables Luciano Verticchio
Minor mechanical work -Maintenance and Repair Fabio Ferranti
Overhead Crane Feed Lines (Materials and Components) Luciano Verticchio
Receivers, Walkie-Talkies, Intercoms
Terminals, Power Cables Luciano Verticchio
Testing Instruments (Analysers…) Luciano Verticchio
Various Electric and Electronic Materials Luciano Verticchio
Videocamera Systems Luciano Verticchio
Compressed Air
Electric Energy
Natural Gas
Oxygen Fabio Stefanetti
Remote Steam/Heat
Water Supply and Treatment
Al Cored Wire
Al Oxide
Anthracite De Calisti Fabio Maria
AOD Lime De Calisti Fabio Maria
AOD Lime Special De Calisti Fabio Maria
B Oxide
C Cored Wire
Ca Metal Cored Wire
CaCn2 Cored Wire
Carbon Scrap Floreancig Jacopo
Carbon Scrap: Internal Recycling Floreancig Jacopo
CaSi Cored Wire
CaSi Mn
CaSiBa Cored Wire
Ceramic Fiber De Calisti Fabio Maria
Co Metal
Cooling Carbon Scrap Floreancig Jacopo
Cr Metal Lorenzo Senise
Cu Metal
EAF Lime De Calisti Fabio Maria
FeB De Calisti Fabio Maria
FeB Cored Wire De Calisti Fabio Maria
FeCa Cored Wire
FeCrN Lorenzo Senise
FeMnN De Calisti Fabio Maria
Ferritic Scrap Floreancig Jacopo
FeSi N
FeSi N Cored Wire
FeSiCr Lorenzo Senise
FeTi Cored Wire
FeY Cored Wire
Fluorspar De Calisti Fabio Maria
Formed Items acc.to Drawing
Ghisa in pani Floreancig Jacopo
HC FeCr Lepri Maurizio
HC FeMn De Calisti Fabio Maria
High Alloyed Scrap Floreancig Jacopo
LC FeCr Lepri Maurizio
Low Alloyed Scrap Floreancig Jacopo
Mn Metal
Other Al
Other Lime
Other Stainless Scrap Floreancig Jacopo
Refractory constructions Fabio Ferranti
Refractory demolitions Fabio Ferranti
Shaped Elements De Calisti Fabio Maria
Si Metal
Sliding Gates (for Ladles) De Calisti Fabio Maria
Sn Metal De Calisti Fabio Maria
Special Elements De Calisti Fabio Maria
Stainless Scrap 18/10/2 Floreancig Jacopo
Stainless Scrap 18/8 Floreancig Jacopo
Stainless Scrap: Internal Recycling Floreancig Jacopo
Ti Scrap
Ti Sponge
Unshaped Elements De Calisti Fabio Maria
Adhesive Tapes Fabio Stefanetti
Air Transports Gabriella Fiori
Car rentals Stefano Calandri
Catering Annarita Listanti
Civil Cleaning Fabio Ferranti
Combi Transports Gabriella Fiori
Engineering and Consulting Services Stefano Calandri
Environmental Reclamantion and Protection Stefano Calandri
General rents and Leasings (except IT) Stefano Calandri
Guardians, Taxes, Training and Temporary Labour Contracts Stefano Calandri
House Handling Services
Industrial Cleaning Fabio Ferranti
Medical Products Gabriella Fiori
Metallic and Non Metallic Packaging Materials Andrea Venturini
Packaging Films and Sheets Annarita Listanti
Packaging Paper and Cardboard Annarita Listanti
Packaging Services
Photocopiers Annarita Listanti
Photographic services Annarita Listanti
Production Cycle Services Stefano Calandri
Railway Transports Gabriella Fiori
Rent and Leasing of Aerial Platforms Stefano Calandri
Rent and Leasing of Cars Stefano Calandri
Rent and Leasing of general Machines Stefano Calandri
Rent and Leasing of Industrial Vehicles Stefano Calandri
Rent and Leasing of Overhead Cranes Stefano Calandri
Road Transports
Rolling Account (at TK Stahl AG ) Stefano Calandri
Sea Transports Gabriella Fiori
Semifinished products Stefano Calandri
Slag, Dust and Slurry Stefano Calandri
Steel and Plastic Strap Andrea Venturini
Telephone expenses
TK Stahl AG Warehouse Items Stefano Calandri
Translation services Stefano Calandri
Travelling expenses Stefano Calandri
Wooden Packages Annarita Listanti
Abrasive Dust Fans Piero Feliciani
Access equipment -Maintenance Stefano Calandri
Acid Pumps and Components
Air conditioning Gabriella Fiori
Air conditioning equipment -Maintenance Stefano Calandri
Brakes, Shoes, Belts, Disks Fabio Stefanetti
Ceramic Linings Piero Feliciani
Chains, Ropes, Hoisting Belts, Hooks and Pulleys Annarita Listanti
Coil markers Annarita Listanti
Cold Rolling Plants Fabio Ferranti
Complex Parts acc.to Drawing Piero Feliciani
Components acc.to Drawing Piero Feliciani
Control Cabins and Signallers Luciano Verticchio
Copper Plates for Moulds, Water Tanks (non-ferrous) Piero Feliciani
Cranes and Tackles – Maintenance Stefano Calandri
Dust Exhausters
Electromechanic Equipment Maintenance Contracts Fabio Ferranti
Extraction stand (for Continuous Casting) Piero Feliciani
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Laminates, including synthetic Piero Feliciani
Filtering systems Andrea Venturini
Fire equipment – Maintenance Fabio Ferranti
Flame resistant systems Andrea Venturini
Flatteners (for Cold Rolling) Piero Feliciani
Foring moulds Piero Feliciani
Handling Equipment Stefano Calandri
Heat Exchangers Andrea Venturini
Hoisting Equipment Andrea Venturini
Hot Rolling Plants Fabio Ferranti
Industrial and Civil Vehicles -Maintenance Stefano Calandri
Industrial Furnaces Fabio Ferranti
Ladles Piero Feliciani
Lifts and hoists – Maintenance Stefano Calandri
Lubrication and Greasing
Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Contracts Fabio Ferranti
Mechanical Maintenance Materials
Melting Shop Plants and Apparatus Fabio Ferranti
Minor mechanical work – Maintenance/repair Fabio Ferranti
Mould Accessories (ferrous) Piero Feliciani
Nozzles Andrea Venturini
Overhead Cranes Fabio Ferranti
Plumbing Systems and Components (non Standard) Fabio Stefanetti
Plumbing Systems and Components (Standard) Fabio Stefanetti
Pneumatic Systems and Components
Pumps and Components (not for Acid)
Rail Vehicles Andrea Venturini
Reducers, Gears and Components Piero Feliciani
Rolling Bearings (Special and according to Drawing) Piero Feliciani
Rolling Bearings (Standard) Piero Feliciani
Rolls (for Cold Rolling) Piero Feliciani
Rolls (for Hot Rolling) Piero Feliciani
Rubber or Synthetic Lining Piero Feliciani
Sandblasters Fabio Ferranti
Shearing Blades Andrea Venturini
Static Welding Machines Fabio Ferranti
Strapping and Packaging Machines Andrea Venturini
Strapping systems Andrea Venturini
Textile and Flame Retardant Linings Andrea Venturini
Trasmission Components (Geared Shafts, Joints) Piero Feliciani
Weighing equipment -Maintenance Stefano Calandri
Weighing systems Andrea Venturini
Wheeled Vehicles Stefano Calandri
FeMo Lepri Maurizio
FeNi Lepri Maurizio
Mo Oxide Lepri Maurizio
Ni Melting Base Lepri Maurizio
Ni Metal Lepri Maurizio