Code of Ethics

Due to the complexity of the situations in which Acciai Speciali Terni operates, it is important to clearly lay down the values which Acciai Speciali Terni recognises, accepts and shares and all of responsibilities that Acciai Speciali Terni assumes both internally and externally. For this reason, a Code of Ethics has been introduced whose observance by directors, employees and collaborators is of fundamental importance as a guarantee of reliability in a market environment where a positive corporate image may gain significant competitive advantage.
This code, therefore, expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities in managing the company’s business and activities undertaken by the employees of all the companies in the Acciai Speciali Terni Group, whether they are directors or collaborators of all these enterprises.

The Code of Ethics has been adopted independently by Acciai Speciali Terni, but also constitutes an integral and substantial part of the Organisational and Management Model in accordance with Italian Leg. Decree 231 adopted by the company, even though in presenting the Model, for the purposes it intends to pursue in implementing the provisions contained in the Decree, the scope differs from the Code itself.

To this end, in fact:

  • The Code of Ethics is an instrument which can be applied to the general plan by the companies in the Group to communicate to all stakeholders the principles of the corporate ethics which they intend to abide by in their relations with the stakeholders
  • The Organisational Model, although adopted in the framework of ongoing activities to improve Corporate Governance, also responds to specific provisions contained in the Decree, aimed at preventing particular types of crimes (for deeds that although committed to the advantage of the company, may involve administrative liability in accordance with the provisions of the same Decree).