Dear colleagues,

the Coronavirus emergency is asking all Italians to face a great test of strength and courage.
Each of us, with their families and loved ones, is facing these weeks with a great sense of responsibility.
It is the same sense of responsibility of AST workers.
For this reason, I wish to thank all of you for what you are doing, privately and at work, to defeat the threat posed by the virus.
AST, from the early days, has taken all the measures required by the Government and the Authorities, and has further enforced them day by day.
As I have always said, the safety of everyone who works at AST is our primary goal, above any other goal.
This, of course, also applies to the risk of contagion from Coronavirus. We are confident that, with the measures we have taken, AST will continue to be a safe working environment for everyone, also in relation to this emergency.
Therefore, again, our sincere thanks go to all the employees who, since yesterday, have started working again in the departments.
We realize that some reduced or modified services, such as access to the changing rooms and the closure of the canteen, create discomfort, and that working in strict accordance with the new rules involves extra effort. Thank you for your spirit of sacrifice and for your perseverance.
I also thank the office staff who are implementing “smart working” from home. We are aware that working from home, in this emergency situation, involves an invasion of family space and relationships, along with the added greater difficulties in carrying out one’s activities remotely. Our heartfelt thanks go to you as well.
We are convinced that continuing to do your job, in the safety conditions that AST ensures for all workers, and scrupulously following the rules to prevent the risks of contagion from Coronavirus, is the best way to contribute to overcoming this emergency.
With everyone’s help we will emerge stronger and ready to face the challenges of the coming years. Courage and determination have never been lacking in the long history of our company and I am sure they will not fail at this time.

Best wishes to all of you and your families

Massimiliano Burelli
Chief Executive Officer