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Acciai Speciali Terni (AST), protagonist of an industrial history started in 1884, is today one of the most important European steel companies and is part of the Materials Services Business Area of the German multinational company ThyssenKrupp.

With more than 137 years of experience, thanks to the passion and technical expertise of its people, AST is the market leader in Italy for the production of flat stainless steel rolled products and among the first four producers in Europe. The company, thanks to the Tubificio production area, is also specialized in the production of electro welded stainless-steel tube, mainly for the automotive sector, and forgings among the largest in the world, through its forging division.

With a focus on product innovation and continuous improvement of production processes, equipped with cutting-edge technologies, AST’s plants are concentrated in Terni on an area of over 1,500,000 SqM and cover the entire manufacturing cycle starting from fusion up to packaging. Its electric furnaces are currently used to produce about 1,000,000 tons of special steels per year. Our stainless steel can be recycled, melted, folded, rolled and shipped all over the world. It becomes a bridge, an object of daily use. It is projected into an architecture, it is guided, but without the passion, it would be just a cold steel plate.


Innovation for AST is not a word like any other: it represents the very essence of its future. The world of steel never stops, as every day new potentials and new applications are discovered. The innovation for the company is all-round: we innovate products, processes, packaging and logistics; it represents the link with customers, to create cutting-edge products and services. Being Industry 4.0 means continually seeking excellence and creating a work environment that encourages and rewards the creativity of all employees. An environment where participate and actively contribute to innovative development. In this direction, Acciai Speciali Terni has today launched a profound reorganization of production that focuses on continuous improvement to bring the company closer to the markets of the end customer.

The industrial philosophy of Lean Transformation was implemented and applied for the first time in a large steelworks site, and was rewarded with a special mention from the Kaizen Award Italia for the innovative “development of continuous improvement” in a particular environment by dimension, safety and processes “.

Through the virtuous policies of circular economy, the company has chosen to launch important projects in the awareness that industrial development and environmental protection are an inseparable binomial for actual economic and social progress.








Reliability, customer orientation, innovation and passion are the benchmarks that have made us today an Italian excellence recognized worldwide, a leader in its sector.

Skills, dedication and passion, represent the actual added value of Acciai Speciali Terni. Experience, ability and professionalism make the difference and make our product unique.

To nurture this passion and look forward to the future, AST has a priority: the daily protection of the health and safety of its workers. To do this, the company is pursuing two paths: the diffusion of a correct safety culture and a continuous updating of the production system plants.

An internal and highly specialized training centre is dedicated to the over 2400 employees working at AST, to ensure continuous updating and support their growth through the development of new personal and professional skills.


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